Wall High School Ocean Mile

This one-mile swim is organized well and draws a friendly crowd.

When, what, where
Aug 7?, Saturday, 8:00 AM; 1 mi; Atlantic Ocean; 🌎 Sea Girt, NJ (Beach at Beacon Blvd).
See also
Event's website. Metro Race Forum.
Register at the north end of the boardwalk, at the intersection of Beacon Boulevard and Ocean Avenue. Registration opens at 6:30 AM and closes at 7:45 AM.
Find free parking on nearby streets.
There are public restrooms in the pavilion (not always unlocked on time). Beach showers are adjacent to pavilion.
Leave bag on the beach near the registration area.
Swimmers wearing wetsuits are not eligible for awards. Not popular.
Start on Beacon Street beach, near registration. Running start from beach into surf.
The out-and-back course sketches a tailed triangle clockwise. It is marked by three yellow buoys. At start, swim to near buoy and turn right. Swim parallel to beach about a half mile towards second buoy. Turn right ninety degrees and swim perpendicular to shoreline for about 25 yards to third buoy. Turn right around buoy and swim back to first buoy. The beacon can be helpful for sighting on this return leg. Turn left around buoy and head into shore.
Running finish from surf onto beach and into timing chute. Finish is adjacent to registration and refreshments.
Time clock, popsicle stick, body marking. A race official at the finish line gives you a popsicle stick with your overall place number. Take this to the registration tables to record your place with your name.
Colored T-shirt. Bagels, fruit, bottled water.
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