Sea Isle City Beach Patrol Ocean Mile

Sea Isle City's beach patrol offers a mid-morning swim that attracts a mixed-age and growing field of swimmers. But don't let the late-morning start lull you into traffic jams and parking hassles: Arrive early—maybe grab breakfast—and chill on the beach for the morning.

When, what, where
Jul 24, Saturday, 11:00 AM; 1 mi; Atlantic Ocean; 🌎 Sea Isle City, NJ (SICBP headquarters, 44th St & Promenade).
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Event's website. Twitter. Beach camera.
Register at the Sea Isle City Beach Patrol headquarters on the Promenade at 44th Street. Registration opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 10:30 AM. Online pre-registration with a discount is available through the previous Thursday.
You can find free street parking a few blocks from registration if you arrive early; expect to hunt. There is metered parking ($1/hour) on some streets and in public lots: 42nd Place & Park Road; 40th Street & Central Avenue; 42nd Place & Bay; 45th Street & Landis Avenue; 46th Street & Central Avenue; 125 JFK Boulevard.
Public restrooms (air-conditioned) are located at the SICBP headquarters building.
A bag wagon (lifeguard boat) brings your gear from the starting beach back to the finish beach. Or leave your bag on 44th Street beach behind the finish chute.
Permitted, no penalty, not popular.
The swim starts at either 61st Street beach, first choice, or 27th Street beach, runner up, depending on prevailing current. You can ride a bus from 44th Street to the start (10:15 AM and 10:40 AM). Or simply walk to the start along the beach—you've got time to kill after your early arrival. Swimmers are split into two waves: Males start first, and females start three minutes later. Running start from beach into surf.
The point-to-point course parallels the shoreline back to 44th Street beach. Two orange buoys mark the beginning and ending turns of the course. Seven yellow guide flags in between mark your progress. The course is easy to follow, surf permitting.
Running finish from surf onto beach and into timing chute at 44th Street beach.
Timing chip on ankle strap, numbered cap, body marking. Time clock.
T-shirt, cap. Light refreshments back in SICBP garage.
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