Neptune Aquatic Center Ocean Mile

The Neptune Aquatic Center hosts an ocean-mile swim with easy logistics in Ocean Grove, between Asbury Park and Bradley Beach. It's popular with younger swimmers as well as the masters set.

When, what, where
Jul 31?, Saturday, 8:30 AM; 1 mi; Atlantic Ocean; 🌎 Ocean Grove, NJ (Beach at Embury Ave).
See also
Event's website.
Register on the beach at Embury Avenue Registration opens at 7:30 AM. Early registration online is available through Friday (discounted price, no service charge).
Free parking on street or in big lot on beach end of Broadway Avenue. You may need to hunt a little.
There are public restrooms, separate changing rooms, and outdoor showers on boardwalk adjacent to registration.
Leave bag on beach behind the start/finish area.
Permitted, not popular.
Start on beach at Embury Avenue, behind registration. Running start from beach into surf.
The out-and-back course sketches a triangle counter-clockwise, with a single vertex at Embury Avenue beach and the opposite base perpendicular to the beach about a half mile north. Three yellow buoys mark the vertices. At the start, swim to the near buoy and turn left around it (left-shoulder turn). Swim parallel to beach about a half mile towards the second buoy. Turn left ninety degrees around the second buoy and swim perpendicular to beach for about 25 yards to the third buoy. Turn left around the third buoy and head back to the first buoy at Embury Avenue beach. On returning to the first buoy, make a right-shoulder turn and swim into to the beach for the finish. The buoys can be hard to spot at distance, but they show up sooner or later.
Finish where you started. Running finish from surf onto beach and into chute.
Body marking, time clock.
T-shirt, cap. Bottled water, bagels.