Nav-E-Sink or Swim Distance Festival

The Nav-E-Sink or Swim Distance Festival offers one or two laps around a 1.2 mile course in the Navesink River at its northeastern end in pleasant Rumson, NJ. There is also a 300 yard swim for kids.

When, what, where
May 30, Sunday, 8:00 AM; 1.2 mi, 2.4 mi; Navesink River; 🌎 Rumson, NJ (Victory Park, Hunt St & Lafayette St).
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Event's website.
Register online through Saturday; discount for early registration through Thursday. Check-in on Sunday at Victory Park, a small community park at the river end of Lafayette Street. Check-in opens at 6:45 AM and closes at 8:00 AM. Packet pickup is also available Saturday from 4:30-6:30 PM at Victory Park.
Free and easy street parking within a few blocks of Victory Park.
There are several portable toilets installed for the race at the end of Lafayette Street. There is usually a hose available for rinsing.
Leave bag on grass near registration, start, and finish.
Permitted without penalty, encouraged by organizers, popular.
Swimmers are divided into several waves by distance and gender. The 1.2-mile waves started before the 2.4-mile waves; for each distance, men start before women. Standing start in shallow water.
The common course follows an irregular polygon marked by multiple colored buoys. Swimmers round the perimeter clockwise on the outside. 1.2-mile swimmers do one lap, and 2.4-mile swimmers do two laps. The latter exit the water after the first lap, run over a timing pad, then run back into the water for the second lap. The course in flat water is easy to follow, although sun glare can hinder navigation on the eastward section.
Finish in ankle-deep water and step into timing chute.
Electronic chip with ankle strap, body marking. Time clock.
T-shirt, cap. Water, bagels, fruit.
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