Cedar Island 5K Swim

This fun and friendly event successfully mixes distance race, adventure swim, and fund raiser. It's quickly become a popular addition to the South Jersey circuit.

When, what, where
Aug 29, Sunday, 1:00 PM?; 5 km; back-bay/channel; 🌎 Avalon, NJ (Avalon Yacht Club, 704 7th St).
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Event's website.
Online registration is required and limited to 200 swimmers. Check-in at the Avalon Yacht Club on the bay end of 7th Street, at the northern tip of Avalon. Look for the deck in the southwest corner of the lot. Check-in opens about an hour before start time.
Free parking in the club's large lot or nearby on 7th Street.
There are two one-person bathrooms on the deck; expect long lines. There is a hose for rinsing.
Leave bag on deck near registration.
Permitted, no penalty, popular.
In-water start adjacent to registration. The start time may be adjusted to accommodate tidal flow, so swimmers should check for email announcements on the night before race day.
The rectangular course circumnavigates Cedar Island, an undeveloped salt-marsh island. Its four legs follow the four channels defining the island. The first leg hugs the marsh, and the remaining three legs hug the docks lining the channels. Four small orange buoys mark turning points. The start time is chosen to coincide with favorable tidal flow, which does grease the swim considerably.
Finish where you started. Swim to the small beach.
Electronic chip with ankle strap. Awards for top-five male and top-five female swimmers only; no age-group awards.
T-shirt, socks, swim cap, event bag with goodies. Bottled water, refreshments.
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