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Bee Yard

These are photos (30) of my fledgling bee yard, established April 2014, decommissioned April 2017.

thumbailBee Yard – two hives thumbailBee Yard – view from above thumbailBuilding the Hive thumbailBuilding the Hive – top bar thumbailBuilding the Hive – workshop thumbailBuilding the Hive – specs thumbailBee Day – ready to go thumbailBee Day – packages thumbailBee Day – home on the road thumbailBee Day – queen cage thumbailBee Day – hanging queen cage 1 thumbailBee Day – hanging queen cage 2 thumbailBee Day – shaking in bees thumbailBee Day – video for red hive thumbailBee Day – video for green hive thumbailBee Day – done for the day thumbailBee Chow thumbailHouse Cleaning thumbailOrientation Flight thumbailComing and Going thumbailBearding thumbailComb – 1 thumbailComb – 2 thumbailComb – 3 thumbailComb – 4 thumbailSwarm – settled in weeds thumbailSwarm – captured in hive thumbailSecond Summer – front view of bee yard thumbailSecond Summer – rear view of bee yard thumbailExtraction – fresh comb