Swarm – settled in weeds

photographic subject of page

This swarm settled in a patch of weeds in my building's garden area. A neighbor witnessed a swirling mass of bees overhead a few minutes earlier, and she called the remnants to my attention when I happened by on the way to my hives. I took a closer look and spotted the swarm on the ground. That's a streak of good luck! When a healthy colony grows too big for its hive, it may decide to split itself. About half of the bees depart along with their queen, and they temporarily gather on a branch or similar while scouts search for a new home. Before swarming, the bees gorge on the colony's honey and pollen stores to nourish themselves for the expedition ahead. A belly full of honey stimulates secretion of the wax scales needed to build comb in the new hive. The bees that remain in the original hive raise a new queen and resume regularly-scheduled colonial life.