Swarm – captured in hive

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Full bellies and no homestead to defend keep swarms mellow, and so some beekeepers like to capture swarms to augment their operations. For a small-scale apiarist with extra time, a swarm represents a free package—often when packages are no longer in season. I would have liked to adopt the swarm, too, but I lacked a spare hive. Instead, I sent out a late-afternoon email on the 4th of July to some beekeepers I've met in the area. A few hours later, the bees had their new home, the grateful beekeepers had their extra colony, and I had a new experience under my belt. It was an easy job dispatched with pruning shears and calm movements. Your local beekeepers' association likely publishes a list of volunteers eager to retrieve swarms at no fee, and you can contact one if a swarm should layover in your yard.