Bee Chow

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For a couple of weeks, the bees get yet more syrup as they build the inner hive from scratch and locate flowers in their new neighborhood. I supplemented the syrup with scrap honeycomb chunks salvaged from the lost colonies. The bees would completely ignore me when I removed the bowl from the floor of the hive for a refill. I used my kitchen tongs to extract the bowl, anyway. (Incidentally, the salvaged honeycomb yielded two-plus quarts of delicious, caramel-colored honey. I cut-up and crushed the comb by hand, let the honey strain through a colander on a sunny windowsill, and then filtered the result through cheese cloth for good measure. The kitchen mess was similar in cleanup to making sauce from garden tomatoes, but stickier and less runny. The aroma was a bonus. I was happy to give most of the honey to the last beekeeper a few days later.)