VT §3: VT-12 to US-4

Vermont §3 spans 23.7 miles. Parking is available for nine mileposts.

Mp 0.0/23.7: VT-12 [Barnard Road]

Locate: {43.65522, -72.56621}

Orient: There is a hiker lot where the AT crosses VT-12, about 3.8 mi northwest of US-4 [Central Street] in Woodstock and 12.5 mi south of VT-107 [River Street] in Bethel. The somewhat-hidden lot is on the west side of the road, behind a guardrail, and several feet below grade. Look for a dirt driveway in an opening between guardrails, small AT sign on utility pole, and square post with white blaze. Via VT-12 northbound, look for driveway on left side of road 0.3 mi north of Ribbett Way, on right (east) side of road. Via VT-12 southbound , look for driveway in right side of road 0.2 mi south of On the Edge Farmstand, on right (west) side of road. The driveway turns immediately left and descends to parking area.

Park: Park in small dirt lot; kiosk; portable toilet (2013).

Mp 5.4/18.3: via Lookout Farm Road

Locate: {43.67035, -72.62841}

Orient: Access Lookout Farm Road from VT-12 at Lakota Road {43.680817, -72.595089}, 6.2 mi northwest of Woodstock at Central Street and 3.9 mi south of Barnard at Stage Road and N Road. From VT-12: follow Lakota Road west for 0.1 mi to left onto School House Hill Road; follow School House Hill Road for 0.5 mi to right onto Greengate Road; continue on Greengate Road becoming Lookout Farm Road for 1.2 mi, where road turns sharply right.

Park: Small parking area.

Connect: Follow old woods road leading southwest for 0.5 mi to AT {43.66880, -72.63581}; bear right at fork. Alternatively, bear left at fork onto King Camp Road and continue 0.1 mi to AT. For AT northbound, turn left. For AT southbound, turn right.

Mp 9.0/14.7: Chateauguay Road

Locate: {43.68900, -72.67400}

Orient: From Barnard at the intersection of VT-12, N Road, and Stage Road {43.72869, -72.61897}: follow VT-12 northwest for 1.1 mi to left onto West Hill Road; follow West Hill Road for 1.1 mi to left onto Chateauguay Road; continue on Chateauguay Road for 4.5 mi to crossing. From 2–3 mi south of West Hill Road, Chateauguay Road in places looks to be dicey if not impassable for low-clearance cars. Alternatively, park near where roadway degrades and hoof it to crossing; looks like 1.5 mi or so. Chateauguay Road is an active logging road, and the ATC guide advises caution.

Park: Small parking area in clearing on east side of road.

Mp 12.9/10.8: Stony Brook Road

Locate: {43.69101, -72.72032}

Orient: Stony Brook Road, an active logging road, branches south from VT-107 in Stockbridge 5.0 mi southwest of VT-12 [Creek Road] and 3.2 mi southeast of VT-100 near Stockbridge. From VT-107, follow Stony Brook Road 5.2 mi south to trail crossing; look for small clearing on left (east) side of road. The road is initially paved but becomes gravel/dirt.

Park: Limited parking in small clearing on east side of road.

Mp 18.0/5.7: River Road

Locate: {43.68066, -72.78228}

Orient: The AT crosses River Road 0.2 mi north of Thundering Brook Road and 0.1 mi south of Archie Baker Road, both branching west from River Road. River Road branches north from US-4/VT-100 about 1.4 mi southeast of the US-4/VT-100 fork in Killington. From US-4/VT-100, follow River Road for 1.7 mi to crossing.

Park: Room for several cars in lot serving AT and Thundering Brook boardwalk over Ottauquechee floodplain; west side of road. Additional parking is possible nearby in large lots serving Killington Town Hall and Johnson Recreation Center, 0.4 mi south on west side of River Road {43.675006, -72.779185}. Roadside parking for a car or two may also be possible at the intersection of River Road and Thundering Brook Road, along northwest shoulder {43.678380, -72.781511}.

Mp 19.7/4.0: Thundering Brook Road

Locate: {43.67294, -72.79903}

Orient: The AT crosses Thundering Brook Road twice; this is southwest crossing, by Kent Pond. Thundering Brook Road branches northwest of US-4/VT-100 about 0.4 mi east of the US-4/VT-100 fork in Killington. Follow Thundering Brook Road for 0.4 mi to trail crossing.

Park: Roadside parking for 4–5 cars along shoulder, on west side of road.

Mp 20.4/3.3: VT-100

Locate: {43.67450, -72.80940}

Orient: The AT crosses VT-100 about 0.4 mi north of the US-4/VT-100 fork in Killington, just west of Killington Road and about 10.6 mi northeast of US-7 in Rutland. Look for access road to Kent Pond (signed) and then adjacent pull-off, both on east side of road.

Park: Roadside parking for several cars in pull-off on east side of road. Additional parking for many cars my be available along the access road for Kent Pond.

Connect: For AT northbound, walk north on road for about 300 yd and turn left (west) onto footpath. For AT southbound, walk to driveway into Kent Pond and look for blazed posts to right leading onto footpath.

Mp 21.8/1.9: via Sherburne Pass Trail

Locate: {43.66359, -72.83282}

Orient: Sherburne Pass Trail was formerly a section of the AT/LT. It subtends an oxbow in the current AT with north intersection in §3 and south intersection in §4. Its hiker lot on US-4 at Sherburne Pass is 1.5 mi west of VT-100 in Killington and 9.1 mi northeast of US-7 in Rutland; opposite the Inn at Long Trail. (Google Maps incorrectly labels Sherburne Trail as the AT/LT.)

Park: Park in large lot on south side of road; no sign apparent.

Connect: Cross US-4 and follow blue-blazed Sherburne Pass Trail northeast for 0.5 mi to AT {43.66881, -72.82769}. For AT northbound, turn right. For AT southbound, turn left.

Mp 23.7/0.0: US-4

Locate: {43.66619, -72.84865}

Orient: The AT crosses US-4 in Killington about 2.3 mi west of VT-100 and 8.3 mi northeast of US-7 in Rutland.

Park: Park in large lot on the south side of the road; signed for AT/LT and Green Mountain National Forest. Look for lot's driveway opposite paved driveway into Fox Hollow Village.

Connect: A short path from the lot leads west to the trail. For AT northbound, turn right and cross road. For AT southbound, turn left. Both northbound and southbound footpaths into the woods are signed.