VT §1: Connecticut River to White River (VT-14)

Vermont §1 spans 9.3 miles. Parking is available for seven mileposts.

Mp 1.0/8.3: US-5 [S Main Street] near Elm Street

Locate: {43.71299, -72.30816}

Orient: For its northernmost mile in Vermont, the AT follows the sidewalk along VT-10A and US-5 from the Connecticut River to Elm Street, in Norwich. Parking is available on US-5 near Elm Street, about 0.5 mi north of where I-91 passes over VT-10A. From I-91 N, take exit 13 for US-5/Norwich; turn left onto VT-10A W; continue into town. From I-91 S, take exit 13 for Norwich/Hanover; turn right onto US-5 N; continue into town.

Park: Find street parking (no meters) on South Main Street near its intersection with Elm Street.

Connect: For AT northbound, follow sidewalk towards I-91 and Connecticut River. For AT southbound, follow sidewalk away from I-91 and Connecticut River.

Mp 1.8/7.5: Elm Street

Locate: {43.71158, -72.32378}

Orient: This is the south end of the three-mile roadside walk between Hanover (at NH-§9 Mp 16.9/1.2) and Norwich. Elm Street branches east from US-5 [S Main Street] about 0.5 mi north of I-91; see Mp 1.0/8.3, above. Follow Elm Street for 0.9 mi. Nearing top of hill, look for kiosk on left (west) side of road shortly after passing Hickory Ridge Road, to left (west).

Park: Roadside parking on shoulder for a few cars; on west side of the road.

Mp 5.1/4.2: via William Tucker Trail

Locate: {43.72355, -72.35188}

Orient: Beaver Meadow Road branches east from US-5 [S Main Street] about 0.7 mi north of I-91; see Mp 1.0/8.3, above. Follow Beaver Meadow road for 0.4 mi to left (west) onto Bragg Hill Road; follow Brag Hill Road for 1.3 mi to left (west) onto gravel Happy Hill Road; continue on Happy Hill Road for 0.6 mi to gate.

Park: Roadside parking on shoulder for 2–3 cars.

Connect: Find trailhead on the left side of road beyond the gate {43.72348, -72.35159}. Follow blue-blazed Tucker Trail for 0.8 mi to AT {43.723398, -72.361234}. For AT northbound, turn left. For AT southbound, continue ahead.

Mp 7.9/1.4: Podunk Road NE

Locate: {43.71840, -72.40020}

Orient: The AT crosses Podunk Road twice. This crossing is northeast of the other crossing at Mp 8.7/0.6, below. Podunk Road branches southeast from Tigertown Road at the west crossing. From Tigertown Road, follow Podunk Road for 0.9 mi to trail crossing. Despite zigzagging south and north, you end up north of the starting intersection.

Park: The ATC guide says there is limited roadside parking near this crossing, but there is no obvious (to me) parking possibility nearby.

Mp 8.7/0.6: Podunk Road and Tigertown Road

Locate: {43.72075, -72.41321}

Orient: Mp 8.7/0.6 marks the north end of a 0.9 mi road-walk (with south end in §2 at Mp 0.3/12.3). Here the foot path meets the intersection of Podunk Road and Tigertown Road. The intersection is 0.8 miles northeast of Patriots Bridge; see Mp 9.3/0.0, below. From Patriots Bridge, follow VT-14 north for 0.4 mi to right onto Tigertown Road; follow Tigertown road for 0.4 mi keeping left at fork [Stetson Road] and passing under I-89; turn right onto Podunk Road; find pull-off on immediate right (south) side of road, just beyond guardrail. This approach coincides with the AT road-walk; look for white blazes roadside.

Park: Roadside parking for 2–3 cars in pull-off adjacent to guardrail, on south side of intersection. Additional roadside parking for 2–3 cars may be possible along shoulder of Tigertown Road just beyond Podunk Road.

Mp 8.9/0.4: VT-14 at Tigertown Road

Locate: {43.71669, -72.41839}

Orient: For its southernmost 0.4 mi, §1 coincides with VT-14 between Tigertown Road at Mp 8.9/0.4 and Patriots Bridge at Mp 9.3/0.0. From Patriots Bridge, head north on VT-14 for 0.3 mi; look for pull-off on left (west) side of road shortly before Tigertown Road (branching east).

Park: It looks like roadside parking for 3–4 cars may be possible in a small pull-off on the west side of VT-14.

Mp 9.3/0.0: VT-14 at Patriots Bridge

Locate: {43.71237, -72.41756}

Orient: §1 and §2 meet at the east end of Patriots Bridge over the White River in West Hartford, where Quechee-West Hartford Road reaches VT-14. From I-91 at exit 12: follow Bugbee Street for 0.4 mi northwest to left onto Christian Street; follow Christian Street for 1.0 mi to right onto VT-14; continue on VT-14 for 5.8 mi to bridge on left (west) side of road.

Park: It looks like roadside parking may be possible for 1–2 cars in a small pull-off on the west side of VT-14 just north of the guardrail and garden. Other sources do not mention this spot, so ask around.