VASW §44: Elk Garden (VA-600) to Summit Cut (US-58)

Southwest Virginia §44 spans 6.9 miles. Parking is available for four mileposts.

Mp 0.0/6.9: VA-600 [Whitetop Mountain Road]

Locate: {36.64619, -81.58298}

Orient: The AT crosses VA-600 in Elk Garden 2.9 mi north of US-58 [Highlands Parkway] in Whitetop, 5.3 mi southeast of VA-600 [Laurel Valley Road] in Troutdale, and 16.5 mi southeast of I-81 exit 35 in Chilhowie [VA-762].

Park: Room for a couple dozen cars at crossing in lot on west side of road; trailhead for Elk Garden Trail. Privy.

Mp 2.5/4.4: FR-89 [Mud Creek Lane]

Locate: {36.63176, -81.60124}

Orient: FR-89 branches northwest from VA-600 [Whitetop Road] 6.5 mi southeast of VA-603 [Laurel Hill Road] and 1.6 mi north of of US-58 [Highlands Parkway]. From VA-600: follow FR-89 for 1.9 mi to lot on right (north) side of road.

Park: Large lot on north side of road about 60 yd east of AT crossing.

Mp 5.7/1.2: VA-601 [Beech Mountain Road]

Locate: {36.63726, -81.64044}

Orient: The AT crosses gravel VA-601 in Damascus 1.1 mi southwest of US-58 [Highlands Parkway] and again 1.2 miles northeast of the highway.

Park: Room for several cars in lot on east side of road.

Mp 6.9/0.0: US-58 [Jeb Stuart Highway]

Locate: {36.63863, -81.64996}

Orient: The AT crosses US-58 near Summit Cut 13.5 mi east of Damascus Town Hall, the junction of §45 and TNC §1.

Park: Possibly room for 1–2 cars along west shoulder of road at crossing.