VASW §42: Dickey Gap (VA-16) to Fox Creek Gap (VA-603)

Southwest Virginia §42 spans 8.5 miles. Parking is available for four mileposts.

Mp 0.0/8.5: VA-650 [Comers Creek Road]

Locate: {36.72034, -81.46151}

Orient: The AT crosses VA-650 in Dickey Gap adjacent to the road's terminus at VA-16 [Sugar Grove Highway], 14.5 mi southeast of I-81 at exit 45 in Marion and 9.4 mi northwest of US-58 [Highlands Parkway] in Mouth of Wilson.

Park: Room for 8–10 cars in lot at T-intersection of VA-650 and VA-16; look for split-rail fence; signed "Welcome to Dickey Gap Trailhead Parking and Visitor Information".

Note: The trail crossing is close to the border between Smyth County to the north and Grayson County to the south. In Smyth County, VA-16 is named Sugar Grove Highway; in Grayson County, VA-16 is called both Buchanan Highway and Troutdale Highway.

Mp 1.2/7.3: via Comers Creek Falls Trail

Locate: {36.71150, -81.47440}

Orient: Comers Creek Falls Trail connects the AT to gravel VA-741 [Homestead Road], which branches southwest from VA-16 [Sugar Grove Highway] 0.6 mi southwest of VA-650 [Comers Creek Road] at Mp 0.0/8.5, above. From VA-16: follow gravel VA-741 for 0.5 mi to trailhead on right (north) side of road.

Park: Possibly room for 1–2 cars in grass shoulder on north side of road at trailhead; signed.

Connect: Follow blue-blazed Comers Creek Falls Trail north for 0.4 mi to AT {36.71453, -81.47521}. For AT northbound, turn right. For AT southbound, continue ahead.

Note: Google Maps and MapQuest call VA-741 Fairwood Road.

Mp 2.1/6.4: via Dickey Gap Trail

Locate: {36.72164, -81.48751}

Orient: Short Dickey Gap Trail connects the AT to Hurricane Road. The trailhead is at the entrance to USFS Hurricane Campground. From Mp 0.0/8.5, above: follow VA-650 west for 1.4 mi to left onto Hurricane Road; follow Hurricane Road for 0.3 mi to left turn in road, past campground entrance; continue briefly to parking area on left side of road.

Park: Room for a half dozen cars in parking area on southeast side of road.

Connect: Find trailhead opposite campground entrance on southeast corner of T-intersection; signed. Follow blue-blazed Dickey Gap Trail south for 0.5 mi to AT {36.71967, -81.48152}; signed. For AT northbound, continue ahead. For AT southbound, turn right.

Mp 8.5/0.0: VA-603 [Fairwood Road]

Locate: {36.69662, -81.50636}

Orient: The AT crosses VA-603 in Fairwood Valley 4.1 mi west of VA-16 [Troutdale Highway] in Troutdale and 9.2 mi east of US-58 [Jeb Stuart Highway] in Konnarock.

Park: Room for 10 cars in lot on south side of road at crossing; signed.