VASW §37: Brushy Mountain (US-52) to Garden Mountain (VA-623)

Southwest Virginia §37 spans 15.5 miles. Parking is available for five mileposts.

Mp 0.0/15.5: US-52 [N Scenic Highway]

Locate: {37.13717, -81.13310}

Orient: From VA-42 [East Bluegrass Trail] at US-52 [Main Street becoming N Scenic Highway] in Bland {37.103352, -81.117125}: follow US-52 north for 2.7 mi to gravel Wyrick Trail [FR-282] on left (west) side of road; look for a few buildings where US-52 bends right (east).

Park: Room for a dozen cars in large pull-off at the foot of Wyrick Trail. Additional parking for 2–3 cars looks possible along the shoulder of Wyrick Trail at a sharp bend 0.25 mi from US-52 {37.13854, -81.13741}.

Note: Wyrick Trail is a forest road, well-graded but somewhat narrow (from US-52 to Mp 0.5/15.0, at least).

Mp 0.5/15.0: FR-282 [Wyrick Trail]

Locate: {37.13626, -81.13943}

Orient: From US-52 at Mp 0.0/15.5, above: follow gravel Wyrick Trail coinciding with AT for 0.5 mi to junction with footpath on right (north), after passing communications tower to left (south) at Mp 0.3/15.2.

Park: Room for 1–2 cars along south shoulder of road, opposite footpath.

Mp 3.0/12.5: FR-282 [Wyrick Trail]

Locate: {37.11370, -81.18390}

Orient: From US-52 at Mp 0.0/15.5, above: follow gravel Wyrick Trail approximately 3.9 mi to a pull-off.

Park: Room for a few cars in pull-off or along shoulder.

Connect: Follow an old and overgrown woods road southwest about 100 yd to AT {37.1126, -81.1857}(?); a brown signpost marks the intersection. For AT northbound, turn right. For AT southbound, turn left.

Mp 6.9/8.6: VA-615 [Suiter Road]

Locate: {37.10376, -81.20179}

Orient: VA-615 intersects US-52/VA-42 [S Scenic Highway] 3.9 mi southwest of Main Street in Bland. From US-52/VA-42 at VA-615 {37.074785, -81.171959}: follow VA-615 northwest for 2.8 mi to parking lot on right (east) side of road, just south of one-lane bridge over Laurel Creek; look for guardrail and turn immediate right into lot. VA-615 becomes gravel at Brushy Mountain Drive, 1.6 mi southeast of parking lot.

Park: Room for about two dozen cars in large lot just north of trail crossing.

Connect: From lot, turn left onto road. For AT northbound, walk about 90 yd to foot path on left; signed. For AT southbound, walk about 130 yd to pedestrian bridge over Laurel Creek on right; unsigned but obvious.

Mp 15.5/0.0: VA-623 [Burkes Garden Road]

Locate: {37.07705, -81.30706}

Orient: The AT crosses VA-623 at the crest of Garden Mountain 12.0 miles southeast of VA-61 in Tazewell and 7.5 mi north of VA-42 in Sharon Springs. From VA-61 {37.134712, -81.413510}: VA-623 branches south from VA-61 [Clear Fork Creek Road] 19.5 mile southwest of US-77 at exit 64 in Rocky Gap and 6.3 mi southeast of US-460 [Peery Highway] at exit 3 in Tazewell. Follow VA-623 for 12.0 miles to parking area on right side of road. The final 2.5 mi of this approach is a gravel mountain road winding to the crest. Visibility around bends is generally good, and there are places to accommodate passing. From VA-42 {37.049632, -81.285788}: VA-623 branches north from VA-42 [Blue Grass Trail] 10.4 mi west of US-77 at exit 52 in Bland and 17 mi east of VA-16 [Buchanan Highway] in Saltville. Follow VA-623 for 7.5 mi to parking area on left side of road. From VA-42 to the crest, gravel VA-623 is a narrow and winding road chock-full of hairpin turns and somewhat stingy on shoulder space for passing. The 7.5 mi drive takes about 30 minutes.

Park: Room for 4–6 cars in pull-off at trail crossing, on southwest side of road. There are no signs here for either trail or parking, but several large boulders demarcate parking area opposite a simple road sign "623".