VAC §33: Stony Creek Valley (VA-635) to New River (US-460)

Central Virginia §33 spans 20.2 miles. Parking is available for five mileposts.

Mp 0.0/20.2: VA-635 [Big Stony Creek Road]

Locate: {37.41860, -80.60457}

Orient: The parking area is 9.5 mi northeast of US-460 and 6.2 mi southeast of VA-613 [White Rock Road]. VA-635 stems from US-460 [Virginia Avenue] about 4 mi east of Pearisburg and 11 mi west of Newport. From US-460, follow VA-635 for 9.5 mi to parking on left; look for grass clearing about 0.2 mi beyond houses at Branch Creek Lane.

Park: Park in small, grass USFS lot on northwest side of road. There is no sign at the driveway, but there is a large kiosk for Peters Mountain Wilderness at the back of the parking area.

Connect: From the right side of the kiosk, follow a blue-blazed path 400 ft to AT. The unsigned junction is perhaps easy to overlook. For AT northbound, continue straight ahead, keeping creek and road to your right. For AT southbound, turn left and proceed uphill, keeping creak and road to your left.

Mp 6.7/13.5: via Groundhog Trail

Locate: {37.42408, -80.67639}

Orient: Painters Run [WV-219/21] branches south from US-219 [Seneca Trail S] about 8 mi northeast of US-460 in Rich Creek, VA, and 16 mi southwest of Union, WV; look for brown USFS signs "Appalachian Trail Access Sugar Camp Farm". From US-219 {37.433576, -80.704810}: follow Painters Run for 1.3 mi to left bend onto Green Valley Road (or possibly Spruce Run) WV-219/24; continue for 0.6 mi to parking on right (east) side of road. The roadway from US-219 is narrow but well paved.

Park: Park in ample grass clearing on south side of road. The lot is signed as "Sugar Camp Farm Trailhead".

Connect: Follow blue-blazed Groundhog Trail for 1.9 mi to AT {37.41215, -80.66924}. For AT northbound, turn left. For AT southbound, turn right.

Mp 16.7/3.5: Pocahontas Road

Locate: {37.36600, -80.74835}

Orient: See Mp 16.8/3.4 for directions to Pocahontas Road via VA-641 [Clendennin Road]. Follow gravel Pocahontas Road for 0.1 mi, passing over two cattle grates; continue briefly to parking on right (south) side of road.

Park: Roadside parking for a few cars in pull-off a short hop northeast trail crossing.

Connect: The AT coincides with Pocahontas Road for about 0.1 mi, a span delimited by two cattle grates in the roadway. From pull-off, walk downhill a few yards to cattle grate in road. For AT northbound, turn right onto footpath, going up steps. For AT southbound, continue downhill on Pocahontas Road towards Clendennin Road.

Note: This is a recent relocation; mileposts are not clear.

Mp 16.8/3.4: VA-641 [Clendennin Road]

Locate: {37.36474, -80.74935}

Orient: VA-641 branches north from VA-460 [Virginia Avenue] in Narrows {37.350134, -80.764984}. Follow VA-641 for 1.5 mi to parking on left (north) side of road, about 50 yd beyond Pocahontas Road (marked with big sign).

Park: Roadside parking for 3–4 cars in pull-off a little east of where footpath and roadway meet.

Connect: The AT coincides with VA-641 for a short hop east of Pocahontas Road. From pull-off, walk back on roadway towards Pocahontas Road, looking for white blaze to left. For AT northbound, continue to and turn right onto Pocahontas Road. For AT southbound, turn left onto footpath into woods.

Note: This is a recent relocation; mileposts are not clear.

Mp 20.2/0.0: VA-460 [Virginia Avenue]

Locate: {37.33737, -80.75473}

Orient: From VA-460 at Thomas Drive in Pearisburg {37.335291, -80.751169}: take westbound VA-460 for 0.3 mi to parking on right, at the Giles Farm Bureau Cooperative and closed Wades grocery store; do not cross river.

Park: Parking may be possible in lot of closed Wades grocery store. This lot is southeast of where the AT coincides with the Senator Shumate Bridge over the New River.

Connect: Cross four-lane US-460, turn right, and head for the bridge. For AT northbound, continue over the river via the bridge's pedestrian walkway abutting the eastbound lanes. For AT southbound, turn left onto footpath entering woods before reaching bridge.

Note: To avoid crossing US-460, consider nearby parking on Narrows Road for §34 Mp 0.2/20.0.