VAC §30: Craig Creek Valley (VA-621) to Sinking Creek Valley (VA-42)

Central Virginia §30 spans 11.3 miles. Parking is available for four mileposts.

Mp 0.0/11.3: VA-621 [Upper Craig Creek Road]

Locate: {37.37925, -80.25003}

Orient: From VA-311 [Catawba Valley Drive]: follow VA-621 southwest for 6.5 mi to right into lot. From US-460 [Virginia Road]: follow VA-621 northeast for 14 mi to left into lot. VA-621 is paved between US-460 and VA-311.

Park: Medium-sized lot at crossing, on north side of road; dirt, unsigned.

Connect: For AT southbound, take trail from lot. For AT northbound, take trail from across road.

Mp 7.3/4.0: via Sarver Cabin Spur Trail

Locate: {37.34726, -80.32588}

Orient: From I-81 exit 118B for US-460 W: follow US-460 W for 2.9 mi to right onto VA-621; follow VA-621 for 8.7 mi to left at Caldwell Fields onto forest road; continue on forest road for 0.7 mi to grassy parking area, just beyond power-line clearing.

Park: Room for 4-6 cars in pull-off on east side of road.

Connect: This spur trail between Sarver Cabin and Caldwell fields leads to AT in about 1.4 mi. Find trailhead at intersection of road and power-line clearing; signed. From trailhead: follow clearing west for 0.2 mi after gate to right onto footpath; follow infrequent yellow blazes to Sarver cabin {37.3547, -80.3374}; follow blue-blazed trail from left of cabin for 0.1 mi to Sarver Hollow shelter; continue for 0.4 miles to AT {37.35578, -80.34008}. For AT northbound, turn right. For AT southbound, turn left.

Mp 10.4/0.9: VA-630 [Northside Road]

Locate: {37.35143, -80.37925}

Orient: From I-81 exit 118B for US-460 W: follow US-460 W for 5.0 mi to right onto VA-42 E [Blue Grass Trail becoming Cumberland Gap Road]; follow VA-42 E northeast for 7.8 mi to right onto VA-629 [Lugar Hill Road]; follow VA-629 for 0.6 mi to right onto VA-630 [Northside Road] at T-intersection; follow VA-630 for 0.3 mi to crossing, just beyond bridge over creek. Find parking area on left; look for split-rail fence with AT blaze in grass lot.

Park: Small parking area for 6-8 cars near crossing, on northeast side of road; unsigned, grass. Do not confuse lot with private driveway for house across road.

Connect: For AT southbound, take trail from rear-left side of lot and heading back towards bridge. For AT northbound, take trail through opening in fence.

Mp 11.3/0.0: VA-42 [Cumberland Gap Road]

Locate: {37.35414, -80.39152}

Orient: From VA-42 [Blue Grass Trail becoming Cumberland Gap Road] at US-460 [Virginia Avenue] in Newport: follow VA-42 E for 7.7 mi to crossing, a little southwest of fork for VA-629 [Lugar Hill Road]. Find roadside parking in shoulder on right or 0.1 mi farther ahead at intersection with VA-629.

Park: The ATC guide reports very-limited roadside parking along the grass shoulder at the crossing, on east side of road only. But parking in this narrow, pitched, and gullied shoulder looks tight and dicey. Do not park alongside driveway on west side of road. Alternative parking for 2-3 cars looks to be permitted 0.1 mi farther northeast at the intersection of VA-42 and VA-629 {37.35538, -80.39050}.