TNC §8: Hughes Gap (NC-1330) to Iron Mountain Gap (TN-107/NC-226)

Tennessee-North Carolina §8 extends 9.4 miles. Parking is available for three mileposts.

Mp 0.0/9.4: Hughes Gap Road

Locate: {36.13678, -82.14095} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: The AT crosses Hughes Gap Road in Roan Mountain, TN, 2.9 mi from TN-143 [Roan Road] via Cove Creek Road. From TN-143 at US-19E: follow TN-143 for 5.3 mi to right onto Cove Creek Road; follow Cove Creek Road for 1.2 mi to slight right onto Hughes Gap Road; continue on Hughes Gap Road for 1.7 mi to pull-off on right, before AT crossing at state line. Hughes Gap Road [NC-1330] continues into NC and terminates 4.3 mi farther at NC-226 in Buladean, northwest of Bakersville.

Park: Room for 3–5 cars in pull-off on north side of road.

Connect: Find AT west of parking area, at state line. For AT northbound, go south from road onto footpath. For AT southbound, go north from road onto footpath.

Mp 5.3/4.1: via Greasy Creek Road

Locate: {36.13840, -82.18894} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: An old forest road connects the AT at Greasy Creek Gap to Greasy Creek Road in Bakersville, NC, where parking is offered at Greasy Creek Friendly (hostel). From US-226 at Hughes Gap Road in Buladean (Mp 0.0/9.4, above): follow Hughes Gap Road east for 0.6 mi to left onto Greasy Creek Road; continue on Greasy Creek Road for 1.8 mi to left into Greasy Creek Friendly.

Park: Room for several cars in yard of Greasy Creek Friendly, on west side of road; with permission of hosteler, fee.

Connect: Follow old forest road from terminus of Greasy Creek Road at hostel for 0.6 mi to AT {36.147536, -82.186046}; get details from hostel. For AT northbound, turn right. For AT southbound, turn left.

Mp 9.4/0.0: TN-107/NC-226

Locate: {36.14287, -82.23304} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: The AT crosses TN-107/NC-226 in Iron Mountain Gap at the border between Tennessee and North Carolina. North of the border, the road is TN-107; south of the border, it is NC-226. The crossing is 11.2 mi southeast of I-26 in Unicoi, TN, and 3.8 mi northwest of Hughes Gap Road [NC-1330] in Buladean, NC (see Mp 0.0/9.4, above). From I-26 at exit 32: follow TN-173 southeast for 1.0 mi to left onto TN-107; continue on TN-107 for 10.1 mi to pull-off on right, at junction with John Goodin Road (dirt) on right. Or from US-19E at US-321 in Hampton: follow US-19E south for 4.4 mi to right onto TN-173 [Simerly Creek Road]; follow TN-173 for 6.5 mi to left onto TN-107; continue on TN-107 for 4.6 mi to pull-off on right.

Park: The AT coincides with the road briefly between northbound and southbound footpaths. Parking is available in two pull-offs on the west side of TN-107/NC-226 at each junction of road and footpath. Room for 15 cars in pull-off opposite junction of road and northbound footpath; this is north of John Goodin Road. Room for 4–5 cars in pull-off adjacent to junction of road and southbound footpath; this is south of John Goodin Road.