PA §11: Boiling Springs to PA-94 (Baltimore Pike)

Pennsylvania §11 spans 8.8 miles. Parking is available for eight mileposts.

Mp 0.0/8.8: ATC Office

Locate: {40.14989, -77.12704}

Orient: In Boiling Springs, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) Mid Atlantic Regional Office marks the junction of §10 and §11 on PA-174 [East 1st Street], 1.2 mi southwest of PA-74 [York Road] in Mechanicsburg.

Park: Daytime parking for a few cars may be possible in the visitor lot adjacent to the ATC building; inquire at office. Water from outdoor spigot. Street parking in village may be possible.

Mp 0.2/8.6: Bucher Hill Road

Locate: {40.14785, -77.12466}

Orient: Southbound §11 briefly follows a sidewalk astride Children's Lake, turns right (south) onto Bucher Hill Road at the east end of the lake, and then turns left (east) onto Mountain Road over Yellow Breeches Creek. Bucher Hill Road branches southwest from PA-174 [East 1st Street] 0.2 mi east of the ATC office. From PA-174: follow Bucher Hill Road for 0.2 mi to parking on left (east) side of road.

Park: Room for about three dozen cars in Fisherman's Parking Lot at the Carlisle Iron Furnace; portable toilet.

Mp 0.3/8.5: Front Street and Race Street

Locate: {40.14699, -77.12565}

Orient: The AT pivots at the intersection of Bucher Hill Road, Mountain Road, and Race Street, near the east end of Front Street; see Mp 0.3/8.5, above. Parking is available catty-corner to this intersection. Enter lot from Front Street, which branches southeast from PA-74 [East 1st Street] 140 yd west of the ATC office. From PA-74: follow Front Street southeast for 0.3 mi to parking on left (northeast) side of road or straight ahead at end of road.

Park: Room for a dozen cars in the lot for Children's Lake, entered from Front Street. Adjacent parking for another dozen cars looks possible on Race Street at the east end of Front Street, a T-intersection.

Connect: From northeast corner, exit lot onto Race Street leading to the intersection of of Bucher Hill Road and Mountain Road. For AT northbound, turn left onto Bucher Hill Road. For AT southbound, continue ahead on Mountain Road.

Note: The road between Children's Lake to the west and the railroad tracks to the east of Yellow Breeches Creek is variably labeled Race Street (by OpenStreetMap and Mapquest) or Mountain Road (by Google Maps and Bing Maps).

Mp 1.1/7.7: Leidigh Drive

Locate: {40.14143, -77.11523}

Orient: The AT crosses and briefly coincides with Leidigh Drive 0.5 mi southeast of Mountain Road in Boiling Springs and 2.3 mi southwest of PA-74 [York Road] in Mechanicsburg.

Park: Room for 6–7 cars in grass along shoulder on south side of road, near AT blaze-post.

Mp 3.0/5.8: via White Rocks Trail

Locate: {40.13208, -77.08788}

Orient: The east terminus of White Rocks Trail is on Kuhn Road 0.8 mi south of Leidigh Drive via Creek Road. Creek Road branches south from Leidigh Drive 1.3 mi east of Mp 1.1/7.7, above. From Leidigh Drive {40.142460, -77.091438}: follow Creek Road south for 0.2 mi to right fork onto Kuhn Road; continue southeast on Kuhn Road for 0.6 mi to parking on right (west) side of road.

Park: Room for a dozen cars in trailhead lot; signed. Overflow parking may be possible along shoulder of road abutting lot.

Connect: From back of lot, follow blue-blazed White Rocks Trail southwest for 1.4 mi to AT {40.123247, -77.104274}, near Center Point Knob. For AT northbound, turn right. For AT southbound, turn left.

Mp 6.0/2.8: Whiskey Springs Road

Locate: {40.09729, -77.12819}

Orient: The AT crosses and briefly follows Whiskey Springs Road, where the namesake spring flows. Whiskey Springs Road branches southeast from Mountain Road 2.5 mi from the intersection of Mountain Road, Bucher Hill Road, and Race Street in Boiling Springs; see Mp 0.3/8.5, above. From Mountain Road {40.115235, -77.137083}: follow Whiskey Springs Road southeast for 1.3 mi to AT.

Park: Room for a few cars is reported to be possible along narrow shoulder.

Mp 8.6/0.2: Sheet Iron Roof Road

Locate: {40.09298, -77.16460}

Orient: Sheet Iron Roof Road branches northeast from PA-94 [Baltimore Pike] 1.3 mi southeast of PA-34 [Yates Street, Baltimore Pike] in Mt Holly Springs and 7.1 mi northwest of US-15 in York Springs. From PA-94 {40.090049, -77.167239}: follow Sheet Iron Roof Road for 0.3 mi to crossing.

Park: Room for 3–4 cars along shoulder on east side of road, about 50 yd north of crossing.

Mp 8.8/0.0: via PA-94 [Baltimore Pike]

Locate: {40.09435, -77.16778}

Orient: The AT crosses PA-94 [Baltimore Pike] in Mt Holly Springs 1.1 mi southeast of PA-34 [Yates Street] and 7.2 mi northwest of US-15 [Lincoln Highway] in York Springs.

Park: Room for 2–3 cars along east shoulder 0.2 mi north of crossing.

Connect: Follow PA-94 south for 0.2 mi to AT. For AT northbound, turn left onto footpath. For AT southbound, turn right onto footpath.

Note: Parking on Sheet Iron Roof Road 0.2 mi northeast of crossing via AT itself may be preferable; see Mp 8.6/0.2, above.