PA §9: Susquehanna River to PA-944 (Wertzville Road)

Pennsylvania §9 spans 14.6 miles. Parking is available for seven mileposts.

Mp 0.0/14.6: via Clarks Ferry Bridge at PA-147 [South River Road]

Locate: {40.39625, -77.00708}

Orient: The north terminus of §9 is the west end of Clarks Ferry Bridge, which carries US-322/US-22 over the Susquehanna River. Parking is available adjacent to the east end of the bridge, at the south terminus of PA-147. From US-322/US-22 in either direction, take exit for PA-147 North towards Halifax.

Park: Ample parking in paved commuter lot near overpass or in gravel lot along riverbank. Enter lot from PA-147, regardless of approach.

Connect: The southernmost 0.6 mi of §8 crosses the Susquehanna River along the bridge's pedestrian walkway. Follow walkway west for 0.6 mi to the north terminus of §9; turn left onto PA-849 [Newport Road] to cross the Juniata River and enter Duncannon.

Mp 1.8/12.8: via Walnut Street

Locate: {40.38904, -77.02993}

Orient: The northernmost 2.3 mi of §9 follow streets through Duncannon. Daytime parking may be possible one block east of the AT along Main Street in the municipal lot next to the town's baseball field on Water Street, between Walnut Street and Elm Street.

Park: Room for a dozen cars. Prefer side farther from baseball field (in season). Check signage for parking restrictions.

Connect: Follow Walnut Street one block west to AT {40.389335, -77.030733} along Market Street. For AT northbound, turn right. For AT southbound, turn left.

Mp 2.1/12.5: Watershed Drive

Locate: {40.38297, -77.03318}

Orient: Near the south end of the AT road walk through Duncannon, the parking area for Hawk Rock Trail also serves the AT along Inn Road at Little Boston Road. Little Boston Road branches west from Inn Road just south of the bridge over Sherman Creek. From the intersection: follow Little Boston Road for 0.1 mi to its T-intersection with Watershed Drive; turn left onto Watershed Drive and follow briefly into parking area.

Park: Room for 12–18 cars in lot outside of recycling center; do not block access to center.

Connect: Follow Watershed Drive and Little Boston Road back to AT {40.38309, -77.03065} at Inn Road. For AT northbound, turn left onto Inn Road. For AT southbound, turn right. See also Mp 2.6/12.0, below.

Mp 2.3/12.3: Inn Road

Locate: {40.38158, -77.02934}

Orient: The south junction of the AT's road walk through Duncannon meets the footpath near the south end of Inn Road, 0.6 mi southeast of the intersection of South Main Street and Market Street. Look for new hiker lot on east side of road just north of the footpath.

Park: Room for a half dozen cars. Additional parking for a dozen cars may be possible 150 yd farther south along the west shoulder of Inn Road.

Mp 2.6/12.0: via Hawk Rock Trail

Locate: {40.38297, -77.03318}

Orient: See Mp 2.1/12.5, above, for directions to parking area for Hawk Rock Trail on Watershed Drive.

Connect: From trailhead on west end of lot: follow Hawk Rock Trail southwest for about 0.2 mi to AT {40.381561, -77.034780}. For AT northbound back into Duncannon, turn left. For AT southbound, continue ahead.

Mp 10.3/4.3: PA-850 [Valley Road]

Locate: {40.32195, -77.07826}

Orient: The AT crosses PA-850 in Rye Township 8.3 mi west of US-11/US-15 in Marysville and 4.7 mi east of PA-34 [Spring Road] in Shermans Dale. Look for lot about 75 yd west of the crossing, on south side of road.

Park: Room for 10 cars in hiker lot; kiosk.

Mp 10.3/4.3: via State Game Lands road

Locate: {40.32699, -77.07824}

Orient: Overflow parking may be available in the large State Game Lands lot 50 yd west of hiker lot; see Mp 10.3/4.3, above. Look for gravel road on north side of PA-850 {40.322056, -77.078762}; follow this narrow road north for 0.4 mi into lot.

Park: Large parking area. The AT guidebook remarks without elaboration that this lot may be closed at times.

Connect: Follow access road south for 0.4 mi back to PA-850; turn left onto road and continue briefly to crossing.

Mp 10.3/4.3: via PA-850 [Valley Road]

Locate: {40.32292, -77.07074}

Orient: Additional parking is available in a second State Game Lands lot 0.4 mi east of the AT; see Mp 10.3/4.3, above.

Park: Room for a dozen cars in dirt lot on south side of road; signed.

Connect: From lot, turn left onto PA-850 and walk west for 0.4 mi to AT.

Mp 12.7/1.9: via Darlington Trail

Locate: {40.30269, -77.06402}

Orient: Darlington Trail crosses Millers Gap Road in Rye Township 1.8 mi south of PA-850 [Valley Road] and 1.9 mi north of PA-944 [Wertzville Road] in Mechanicsburg.

Park: Room for a dozen cars in parking area for Darlington Trail, on west side of road.

Connect: From trailhead approximately 100 yd north of parking area {40.30318, -77.06436}: follow orange-blazed Darlington Trail west for 1.5 mi to its terminus at the AT {40.30048, -77.08903}; signed. For AT northbound, turn right. For AT southbound, turn left.