PA §6: PA-183 to Swatara Gap

Pennsylvania §6 spans 20.7 miles. Parking is available for four mileposts.

Mp 0.0/20.7: PA-183

Locate: {40.52697, -76.22354}

Orient: The AT crosses PA-183 in Strausstown 3.1 mi northwest of I-78/US-22 at exit 19. At the crest of PA-183, shortly after the two-lane roadway expands to four lanes, look for pull-off on west side of road. There is a gate at the pull-off and an AT sign on the east side of the road.

Park: Room for 8–10 cars along tight shoulder on west side of road and straddling gate. See next for additional, easier parking.

Mp 0.0/20.7: via PA-183

Locate: {40.52535, -76.21721}

Orient: The SGL (#110) lot on PA-183 provides easy and spacious parking 0.3 mi south of the road crossing; see Mp 14.4/6.3 above. From I-78/US-22 at exit 19: follow PA-183 N for 2.8 mi to right onto gravel driveway; continue briefly on driveway to right at gate into lot. The lot itself is not visible from the road; look for driveway and brown SGL sign just beyond guardrail.

Park: Huge SGL lot.

Connect: From lot turn left onto driveway and proceed back to right onto PA-183; walk along berm for 0.3 mi to AT crossing. For AT northbound, turn right onto footpath (but see Mp 13.9/6.8, above). For AT southbound, turn left onto footpath.

Mp 9.3/11.4: PA-501

Locate: {40.51252, -76.34457}

Orient: The AT crosses PA-501 in Bethel 4.3 mi northwest of I-78/US-22 at exit 13 and 3.3 mi southeast of PA-895 [Rock Road] in Pine Grove. From I-78/US-22 to somewhere northwest of the AT crossing, PA-501 is called Lancaster Avenue. From PA-895 to that point, PA-501 is called Bethel Road.

Park: Room for about two dozen cars in lot on north side of road; signed, kiosk. Room for a dozen cars in shoulder along south side of road.

Note: This parking area can become busy on clement weekends since the AT here provides easy access to popular Kimmel Lookout and adjacent overlooks.

Mp 11.2/9.5: PA-645

Locate: {40.50674, -76.37712}

Orient: The AT crosses PA-645 in Pine Grove 4.6 mi northwest of I-78/US-22 at exit 10 and 2.5 mi southeast of PA-443 [Suedberg Road]. There is an AT sign on the east side of the road that marks the northbound junction. The road's name changes near the crossing: Camp Swatara Road going south, Geary Wolfe Road going north.

Park: Room for a dozen cars in lot on west side of road, just south of crossing; not signed but obvious.

Mp 20.6/0.1: Old State Road

Locate: {40.48083, -76.53155}

Orient: The AT crosses Old State Road in Swatara Gap State Park at the road's terminus on the east side of Waterville Bridge. From I-81 exit 90 in Jonestown: follow Fisher Avenue [PA-934] northeast briefly to left onto PA-72; follow PA-72 for 0.9 mile to right onto Monroe Valley Road; follow Monroe Valley Road for 1.0 mi to left onto Old State Road; continue on Old State Road for 1.7 mi to parking at terminus of road.

Park: Room for 10 cars in hiker lot at end of road.