PA §1: Delaware Water Gap to Wind Gap

Pennsylvania §1 spans 15.8 miles. Parking is available for seven mileposts.

Mp 0.2/15.6: PA-611 [Main Street]

Locate: {40.98285, -75.14025}

Orient: From its north terminus, southbound §1 follows Delaware Street and Waring Avenue for 0.2 mi, crosses Main Street onto Mountain Road for 0.1 mi, and turns left (east) onto Lake Road for 0.1 mi. There is a hiker lot where the AT crosses Main Street, 0.3 mi southeast from the intersection of Broad Street and Main Street:

Park: Room for a few cars in gravel lot on the north side of Main Street just east of its dual intersection with Waring Drive (leading northeast) and Mountain Road (leading southwest). The lot is catty-corner to the Deer Head Inn on the southwest corner of the intersection.

Mp 0.4/15.4: Lake Road

Locate: {40.97993, -75.14190}

Orient: Mp 0.4/15.4 is the junction of Lake Road and Mt Minsi fire road. From the intersection of Main Street at Waring Drive and Mountain Road (see Mp 0.2/15.6, above): follow Mountain Drive southwest (uphill) for 0.1 mi to left onto Lake Road; continue on Lake Road for 0.1 mi into parking area to right. The left turn onto Lake Road is signed for the AT, parking, and Delaware Gap National Recreation Area.

Park: Room for about 20 cars in dirt lot adjacent to AT; sometimes muddy. Some overflow parking is possible in shoulder of Lake Road, arcing around lot and back to Mountain Road. This area is popular, and the parking area fills on pleasant weekends.

Connect: For AT northbound, follow Lake Road back to Mountain Road and turn right towards Main Street. For AT southbound, follow fire road from behind gate at Lake Road; initially heading east.

Mp 0.6/15.2: via Resort Point Spur

Locate: {40.97852, -75.13834}

Orient: In Delaware Water Gap, a spur trail from the Resort Point Scenic Overlook on PA-611 provides access to the AT at Mp 0.6/15.2 and Mp 0.8/15.0. From the intersection of Broad Street and Main Street: follow Main Street [PA-611] southeast for 0.7 mi to overlook parking on left (east) side of road.

Park: Room for 20 cars in paved lot on east side of road; signed for scenic overlook.

Connect: Find trailhead across the road and opposite north entrance; signed for Appalachian Trail. Follow path briefly to fork; turn right at fork and continue 0.1(?) mi to AT {40.97879, -75.14045}, joining fire road at Lenape Lake. For AT northbound, turn right onto fire road. For AT southbound, turn left onto fire road.

Note: It looks like this trail may require crossing Caledonia Creek and may be hard to follow.

Mp 0.8/15.0: via Resort Point Spur

Locate: {40.97829, -75.13842}

Orient: See Mp 0.6/15.2, above.

Connect: From trailhead: follow path briefly to left onto adjoining trail at top of steps; continue for about 0.2 mi to terminus at AT {40.97539, -75.13893}. (There is a second trail left a few yards farther along Caledonia Creek. The two trails soon merge.) For AT northbound, turn right. For AT southbound, turn left (reaching Council Rock in about 160 yd).

Mp 4.8/11.0: via Totts Gap Hill Road

Locate: {40.95071, -75.16395}

Orient: From the intersection of Broad Street and Main Street [PA-611] in Delaware Water Gap: follow Main Street southeast for 100 yd to right onto Cherry Valley Road; follow Cherry Valley Road for 0.9 mi to left onto Totts Gap Road; follow Totts Gap Road for 1.5 mi to left onto Totts Gap Hill Road; continue on Totts Gap Hill Road for 0.6 mi to parking area on right at end of pavement.

Park: Room for 4–5 cars in pull-off on west side of road.

Connect: Follow service road from gate for 0.3 mi to AT {40.94852, -75.16183}, at crest of hill. (Continue straight ahead where road turns sharply left, about 100 ft from the crest.) The AT is not signed here, but blazes are visible. For AT northbound, turn left onto footpath. For AT southbound, turn right onto footpath.

Mp 7.2/8.6: PA-191 [Valley View Drive]

Locate: {40.93543, -75.19700}

Orient: The AT crosses PA-191 in Fox Gap 5.2 mi north of PA-512 [Market Street] in Bangor and 2.7 mi south of Cherry Valley Road in Stroudsburg. There is an AT sign on east side of the road.

Park: Room for 6–8 cars in pull-off on west side of road. Room for many cars in shoulder along west side of road, behind white line. Maybe some parking for a car or two near communications tower on southeast side of road.

Note: The AT crosses PA-191 in Northampton County a little southwest of the county line with Monroe County. In Northampton County, PA-191 is named Valley View Drive. In Monroe County, PA-191 is named Bangor Mountain Road.

Mp 15.8/0.0: N Broadway

Locate: {40.86067, -75.29270}

Orient: In Wind Gap, the AT crosses N Broadway and coincides with the road for 0.1 mi. From PA-33 at the PA-512/Bath/Wind Gap exit (not numbered): head north on PA-512 [E Moorestown Road] towards Wind Gap; follow PA-512 [becoming Broadway] for 1.9 mi to right into lot.

Park: Room for 12–18 cars in lot on northeast side of road; signed, kiosk.

Connect: For AT northbound, join footpath from back of lot. For AT southbound, turn right onto road and continue northwest for 0.1 mi to left onto footpath, just after highway underpass; signed.