MD §7: Weverton to Harpers Ferry

Maryland §7 extends 3.3 miles. Parking is available for three mileposts.

See also: AT-P/A Stackpole #1 NWS

Note: "NPS" abbreviates "National Park System". "NHP" abbreviates "National Historical Park".

Mp 0.0/3.3: Weverton Cliff Road

Locate: {39.33313, -77.68319} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: AT §6 and §7 meet behind a parking lot on Weverton Cliff Road just west of where the AT crosses Weverton Road [MD-858]. Weverton Cliff Road branches southeast from MD-67 [Rohrersville Road] in Knoxville 0.2 mi north of US-340 and continues for 0.3 mi to its terminus at Weverton Road.

Park: Room for two dozen cars in paved lot on south side of road.

Connect: Find blue-blazed connector path near an electricity meter in the southeast corner of the lot, and follow it briefly to the AT. For AT northbound, turn left and head towards road. For AT southbound, turn right and head away from road.

Note: The street sign on the west terminus of the road says "Cliff" (singular). The sign at the east terminus says "Cliffs" (plural).

Mp 0.4/2.9: Keep Tryst Road

Locate: {39.32992, -77.68205} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: Keep Tryst Road in Knoxville traces a kinked, east-west arc between US-340 to the north and the Potomac River to the south; near the Maryland-Virginia state line at Sandy Hook. Both its southwest terminus and its northeast terminus meet the eastbound lanes of US-340; there are no interchanges with the westbound lanes of US-340. From MD via northeast terminus: Take MD-67 [Rohrersville Road] southbound onto US-340 E; follow US-340 E for 0.3 mi to first exit, for Keep Tryst Road; continue on Keep Tryst Road for 0.2 mi to parking on left. From VA via southwest terminus: follow US-340 N from VA into MD, becoming US-340 E; take first exit in MD, for Keep Tryst Road; continue on Keep Tryst Road for 1.5 mi to parking on right. Alternatively, the southwest terminus of Keep Tryst Road is directly accessible from Valley Road, which intersects both US-340 about 0.5 mi into MD.

Park: The AT crosses Keep Tryst Road where the road makes a hairpin turn near its northeast terminus. Roadside parking for a dozen cars in dead end on outside bend (east side) of turn.

Connect: For AT northbound, take footpath on west side of crosswalk. For AT southbound, head east from crosswalk, through parking area then gate, and towards train tracks.

Note: The northeast end of Keep Tryst Road exits onto US-340 E only, east of MD-67 [Rohrersville Road]. The southwest end exits into Valley Road, which shortly intersects with US-340 in both directions.

Mp 3.3/0.0: Potomac Street

Locate: {39.32418, -77.73137} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: MD §7 and VAWV §1 meet at the west end of the Goodloe Byron Memorial Footbridge, adjacent to the intersection of Potomac Street and Shenandoah Street in Harpers Ferry, WV. The bridge carries the AT over the Potomac River at the river's junction with the Shenandoah River. Here in the Lower Town district, the AT mingles with Harpers Ferry NHP. Visitor parking is available nearby at the train station on Potomac Street.

Park: Room for 81 cars; 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM; $20 cash or online, includes park entrance fee. Restrooms, water. NPS website says that this lot often fills early.

Connect: Turn left from lot onto Potomac Street and go 150 yd to AT {39.323413, -77.730222} at White Hall Tavern, on right (west); look for blazes on lamp post. For AT northbound, continue ahead crossing Shenandoah Street and bearing left (east) under trestle, towards to the footbridge over the Potomac River. For AT southbound, turn right between buildings and continue west through the historic district, towards the US-340 bridge over the Shenandoah River.

Note: The first mile of southbound VAWV §1 passes east-west through Lower Town of Harpers Ferry, between its junction with MD §7 at the footbridge over the Potomac River and its junction with the highway bridge over the Shenandoah River.

Mp 3.3/0.0: via Harpers Ferry NHP shuttle

Locate: {39.31858, -77.75881} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: See Mp 3.3/0.0, above. The main lot for Harpers Ferry NHP is located at the visitor center on US-340 (at Shoreline Drive), about 1.5 mi west of the historic district. The park provides a shuttle bus connecting the visitor center and the historic district in Lower Town.

Park: Room for hundreds of cars at the visitor center of Harpers Ferry NHP; $20 for a three-day pass, including shuttle. Overnight parking is permitted; registration required. Restrooms, water. NPS website recommends this lot for hikers.

Connect: Take the shuttle bus from the Visitor Center to Lower Town, near the east end of Shenandoah Street. Or, take the Visitor Center to Lower Town Trail for 1.6 mi to the same bus stop. Follow Shenandoah Street east briefly to Potomac Street and the AT {39.323273, -77.729666}. For AT northbound, turn right under trestle for the footbridge over the Potomac River. For AT southbound, turn left onto Potomac Street then left at White House Tavern for the walk west through Lower Town, towards the US-340 bridge over the Shenandoah River.

Note: • Harpers Ferry NHP is open daily from 9–5 PM except for some holidays, and the shuttle operates whenever the park is open. The first bus runs at 9:00 AM. The last bus runs at 5:30 PM, 5:45 PM, or 6:45 PM, depending on season. • From either direction on US-340, turn south onto Shoreline drive at the only traffic light on US-340 in the vicinity.