MD §6: Crampton Gap to Weverton

Maryland §6 extends 6.7 miles. Parking is available for four mileposts.

See also: AT-P/A Stackpole #1 NWS

Mp 0.0/6.7: Arnoldstown Road and Gapland Road

Locate: {39.40642, -77.63849} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: The AT in Crampton Gap crosses the T-intersection of Arnoldstown Road and Gapland Road [MD-572], at the entrance to Gathland State Park. From Rohrersville to the west, Gapland Road branches east from MD-67 [Rohrersville Road] 5.1 mi north of US-340 in Knoxville and 7.1 mi south of Alt US-40 [Old National Pike] in Boonsboro: follow Gapland Road for 1.0 mi to slight left onto Arnoldstown Road. From Burkittsville to the east, W Main Street branches northwest from MD-17 [Burkittsville Rd] 4.0 mi north of US-340 in Knoxville and 6.1 mi southwest of Alt US-40 [Main Street] in Middletown: follow W Main Street becoming Gapland Road for 1.1 mi to right onto Arnoldstown Road.

Park: Room for dozens of cars in paved lot on north side of Arnoldstown Road; driveway is on east side of lot, about 140 yd from intersection. Not gated; overnight parking is permitted.

Connect: For AT northbound, head towards pavilion and ruins in field west of lot. For AT southbound, enter Gathland State Park on paved driveway.

Note: The Civil War Correspondents Memorial is opposite the lot.

Mp 0.1/6.6: Gathland State Park

Locate: {39.40473, -77.64023} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: See Mp 0.0/6.7, above. Follow entrance driveway briefly to its terminus at parking lot.

Park: Room for twenty-two cars. Rest rooms and water (seasonal) nearby.

Connect: AT passes at east end of parking area. For AT northbound, turn left. For AT southbound, turn right.

Note: Gathland State Park is open from 8:00 AM until sunset. The entrance is gated.

Mp 1.7/5.0: via Brownsville Gap Road

Locate: {39.38187, -77.66292} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: An abandoned dirt road connects the AT in Brownsville Gap to MD-67 [Rohrersville Road] in Brownsville, 3.7 mi northeast of US-340 in Knoxville and 8.5 mi south of Alt US-40 [Old National Pike] in Boonsboro.

Park: Room for a dozen or more cars in a picnic area on southeast side of road and adjacent to Brownsville Community Pond.

Connect: Turn left from lot and follow road briefly to left onto Brownsville Road; follow Brownsville Road briefly to left onto Boteler Road; follow Boteler Road for 0.2 mi to right onto Brownsville Pass; follow Brownsville Pass for 0.3 mi to end of pavement; continue on dirt road for about 0.5 mi to AT {39.38360, -77.64880}. (The AT guide estimates a total distance of 1 mi.) For AT northbound, turn left. For AT southbound, turn right.

Mp 6.7/0.0: Weverton Cliff Road

Locate: {39.33313, -77.68319} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: AT §6 and §7 meet behind a parking lot on Weverton Cliff Road just west of where the AT crosses Weverton Road [MD-858]. Weverton Cliff Road branches southeast from MD-67 [Rohrersville Road] in Knoxville 0.2 mi north of US-340 and continues for 0.3 mi to its terminus at Weverton Road.

Park: Room for two dozen cars in paved lot on south side of road.

Connect: Find blue-blazed connector path near an electricity meter in the southeast corner of the lot, and follow it briefly to the AT. For AT northbound, turn left and head towards road. For AT southbound, turn right and head away from road.

Note: The street sign on the west terminus of the road says "Cliff" (singular). The sign at the east terminus says "Cliffs" (plural).