MD §4: I-70 to Turners Gap

Maryland §4 extends 4.9 miles. Parking is available for five mileposts.

See also: AT-P/A Stackpole #2 NWS

Mp 0.0/4.9: US-40 [Baltimore National Pike] at I-70

Locate: {39.53541, -77.60329} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: The AT passes beneath US-40 and above I-70 in Myersville. Parking is available on US-40 nearby, 3.1 mi northwest of US-17 [Wolfsville Road] and 3.5 mi southeast of US-66 [Mapleville Road] in Boonsboro.

Park: Room for dozens of cars in lot on south side of road.

Connect: From west side of lot, follow signed access path briefly to AT. For AT northbound, turn right. For AT southbound, turn left.

Mp 0.5/4.4: via Bartman Hill Trail

Locate: {39.53531, -77.61825} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: Bartman Hill Trail connects the AT to Greenbrier State Park, at the visitors center. The main entrance is on the west side of US-40 [National Pike] in Boonsboro. On weekends and holidays, you must turn right from US-40 E (here going south) to enter because left turns from US-40 W (here going north) are forbidden then.

Park: Abundant parking in several large lots, with the possible exception of summer weekends and holidays. Should lots fill, additional cars are denied entrance to the park.

Connect: From signed trailhead behind visitors center, follow blue-blazed Bartman Hill Trail for 0.6 mi to AT {39.53059, -77.60987}. For AT northbound, turn left. For AT southbound, turn right.

Note: • The park is open from 8 AM until sunset. • The park charges an entrance fee of $3–$7 per person or per vehicle. The applicable fee varies with season (summertime or not), day (weekday, weekend, holiday), and residency (Maryland or not). • Some guides and maps write "Bartmans Hill" or "Bartman's Hill".

Mp 3.1/1.8: Washington Monument State Park north lots

Locate: {39.49888, -77.62351} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: The AT briefly traverses Washington Monument State Park in Boonsboro. It twice crosses the small park's road, which loops counter-clockwise. Enter the park from Washington Monument Road at Zittlestown Road, 0.9 mi north of Alt US-40 [Old National Pike] in Boonsboro and 4.7 mi southeast of MD-17 [Main Street/Wolfsville Road] in Myersville.

Park: Room for several dozen cars, combined, in two lots along the north arc of the loop. The first lot straddles the road. The second lot is on the right side of the road. Rest rooms, water.

Connect: Return to the east end of the lots. For AT northbound, turn left onto footpath. For AT southbound, continue past buildings and turn right onto footpath.

Note: The park opens at 8 AM from April though October and at 10 AM from November through March. It closes at sunset year-round.

Mp 3.3/1.6: Washington Monument State Park south lot

Locate: {39.49808, -77.62073} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: See Mp 3.1/1.8, above. The south lot is near the park's entrance, on the west side of the loop road. Enter the lot from its west side, after circumnavigating the road.

Park: Room for a dozen cars.

Connect: The AT crosses the driveway exiting the lot from the lot's east side. For AT northbound, turn left. For AT southbound, turn right.

Mp 4.9/0.0: Alt US-40 [Old National Pike] in Turners Gap

Locate: {39.48453, -77.62006} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: The AT crosses Alt US-40 [Old National Pike] near the south terminus of Washington Monument Road, 1.7 mi southeast of MD-67 [Rohrersville Road] in Boonsboro and 5.1 mi northwest of MD-17 [Church Street/Myersville Road] in Middletown. Parking may be available with permission at Old South Mountain Inn, opposite Washington Monument Road.

Park: Room for many cars in large lot, adjacent to AT. Hiker area appears to be on southeast side of lot; signed. It's not clear if permission is still required for this designated area; sources advising permission to use the lot are older than fourteen years.

Note: Old South Mountain Inn is a restaurant serving dinner Thursday through Sunday.