MD §2: Raven Rock Hollow (MD-491) to Wolfsville Road

Maryland §2 extends 4 miles. Parking is available for four mileposts.

See also: AT-P/A Stackpole #3 NWS

Mp 0.0/4.0: MD-491 [Raven Rock Road]

Locate: {39.66454, -77.53582} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: The AT crosses MD-491 in Smithsburg 1.9 mi northeast of MD-64 [Smithsburg Pike] and 4.5 mi southwest of Camp Ritchie Road in Highfield-Cascade. The crossing is 0.3 mi west of the terminus of Ritchie Road on the north side of MD-491.

Park: Room for many cars in shoulder along north side of road.

Mp 0.8/3.2: Warner Hollow Road

Locate: {39.65644, -77.53927} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: The AT crosses gravel Warner Hollow Road 0.9 mi southeast of MD-491 [Raven Rock Road] and 0.8 mi northwest of Pleasant Valley Road. The dogleg crossing follows the road about 40 yd.

Park: Warner Hollow Road crosses a stream about 0.1 mi west of the AT. The ATC guidebook states that there are a few parking spots along the shoulder between this stream and the AT.

Note: The guidebook says "Warner Gap Road", but maps say "Warner Hollow Road".

Mp 2.6/1.4: MD-77 [Foxville Road]

Locate: {39.63706, -77.54122} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: The AT crosses MD-77 [Foxville Road] 2.2 mi southeast of MD-64 [Jefferson Boulevard/Smithsburg Pike] and 0.3 mi west of Pleasant Valley Road. The crossing is 0.1 mi east of the terminus of Hopkins Lane on the south side of MD-77.

Park: Room for a few cars in pullout on south side of road.

Mp 4.0/0.0: MD-17 [Wolfsville Road]

Locate: {39.62845, -77.55949} 🄱 🄶 🄾

Orient: The AT crosses Wolfsville Road 1.4 mi southeast of MD-77 [Foxville Road] in Smithsburg and 4 mi north of the joint intersection with Pleasant Walk Run and Stottlemyer Road in Wolfsville. Parking is a available in a lot 0.1 mi south of the crossing.

Park: Room for a dozen cars in gravel/grass lot on east side of road. Overflow parking for 3–4 cars is available in a pullout catty-corner southwest of this lot.

Connect: From back of lot, follow blue-blazed trail north for 0.1 mi to AT {39.63002, -77.55891}, just east of the crossing. Alternatively, from lot turn right (north) on road and continue for 0.1 mi to AT. For AT northbound, turn right. For AT southbound, turn left.