Appalachian Trail Parking Notes

Hello and welcome to my parking notes for day hiking along the Appalachian Trail. These are the web pages and downloadable files I put together for driving to the trailhead of the day in unfamiliar places. They are offered here for non-commercial use in keeping with the volunteerism that built and maintains the AT.

The notes are designed to accompany the ATC guidebooks. Accordingly, they follow the guidebooks' organization into regions and sections, labeling of sections, and numbering of mileposts. So far:

New Hampshire (9/9) §1, §2, §3, §4, §5, §6, §7, §8, §9
Vermont (9/9) §1, §2, §3, §4, §5, §6, §7, §8, §9
Massachusetts (1/10) §1
Pennsylvania (14/14) §1, §2, §3, §4, §5, §6, §7, §8, §9, §10, §11, §12, §13, §14
Maryland (1/7) §1
Central Virginia (6/19) §28, §29, §30, §31, §32, §33
Southwest Virginia (12/12) §34, §35, §36, §37, §38, §39, §40, §41, §42, §43, §44, §45
Tennessee-North Carolina (11/26) §1, §2, §3, §4, §5, §6, §7, §8, §9, §10, §11

Click on a section number above (e.g., §1, §45) to open the web page describing parking options for the corresponding AT section and providing links mapping the parking locations. From there, you can also download a GPX file for loading waypoints into your car's GPS navigator, and you can download a PDF rendition of the web page for printing. Or you can just copy and paste.

The web notes are also available as ePub files for off-the-grid consultation on your favorite e-reader. There's one ePub file for each region. So far: NH, VT, MA, PA, MD, VAC, VASW, TNC.

These notes aggregate and augment information derived from multiple sources, which are listed in the Sources and Resources page. Consider having a look to give those trailblazers their due props. You'll also find help there for parking options not yet covered here. So why this website, too? There are three driving motivations: (1) Give explicit coordinates of latitude and longitude for every parking location, identified by region, section, and milepost. (2) Facilitate trip planning by linking every location to multiple mapping websites. (3) Make the information portable by means of downloadable files in several formats (GPX, PDF, ePub).

There are good intentions that the presentation is clear and that the conventions are self-apparent. Should your reality trip on those intentions, there are A Few Notes on the Notes to lend a hand. If you're technically curious about the database or code underlying these notes, you can read more in the About page.

Please report mistakes, typos, and suchlike to account ATP at host raysnotebook dot info.

Happy Trails